A Running Start

In this revolutionary guide, movement specialist Rae Pica explains how the best head start we can give our children is literally A Running Start. New research shows it’s the free time spent interacting with the real world — exploring the outdoors, playing tag at recess, and inventing games — that helps boost creativity, confidence, and resourceful problem-solving skills. In fact, at young ages, highly competitive activities can actually interfere with kids’ natural development. And when it comes to academics, starting earlier is not better.

A Running Start

Author: Rae Pica ISBN 1-56924-284-4

Practical throughout, A Running Start offers techniques for raising a child with the right balance of free play and structured activity. Pica shares:

* What’s most intellectually stimulating to a child
* How to get your child moving — and why
* What’s most important to look for in school curriculums
* When and how best to get your child involved in sports
* The secrets of building character, curiosity, and self-esteem

With more than 50 “Play & Learn” ideas to nurture a child’s unique personality, A Running Start is a guide for every parent who wants to help her or his child succeed naturally — with less stress, more fun.

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