Body Intelligence

Finally ready to jump off the diet merry-go-round? Fed up with risking your health on diet pills and supplements that don’t deliver on their promises? Ashamed about your weight and guilty about every bite you eat? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Body Intelligence offers a smart, mature alternative to diets, pills, and surgical procedures that can help shed excess weight and keep it off for life.

Body Intelligence

Author: Dr. Edward Abramson ISBN 0-07-144206-5

A highly visible authority on eating and weight disorders, Dr. Edward Abramson uses a refreshing, thought based approach that brings a new perspective to the subject and new hope to diet junkies everywhere. Like the groundbreaking book Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Abramson’s exciting life program redefines old beliefs. It teaches people to rethink their eating habits, reinvent their body image, and resist the endless cycle of quick-fix diets. This is what he calls Body Intelligence, a simple, safe, and smart three-step program that can show anyone how to eat intelligently, look at the body intelligently, and use the body intelligently.

This is the intelligent way to eat well, lose weight, and live life to the fullest. There are no rigid meal plans, no low fat recipes, no carb and calorie counters. Instead, BODY INTELLIGENCE offers a unique weight-control plan that goes to the root of most eating problems. The thought patterns that affect the way people eat, the way they see themselves, and the way they live. It’s a complete, lifelong program that can open minds and transform bodies without dieting. Dr. Abramson gives lifelong dieters the power to:

- Understand cravings and eating habits
- Learn how to enjoy eating again without the guilt
- Experience a more active, fulfilling life
- Develop a realistic, positive body image

Body Intelligence also includes personal selfquizzes, thought provoking exercises, and journaling techniques to help readers understand their feelings about food, and change their lives forever.

In Body Intelligence, psychologist Dr. Edward Abramson explains how our perceptions develop of food and how our bodies can become warped by countless advertising messages, peer pressure, and sometimes, even our parents’ good intentions. More importantly, he shows how to rid ourselves of that negative programming and reconnect with the body intelligence we were born with.

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