Character is the Key

Would you like to see your children:

Taking greater initiative at home and school?
Able to put themselves in others’ shoes?
Taking more responsibility for their actions?
Valuing togetherness as a family and wanting to spend more time with you?
Consistently treating peers, adults and themselves with respect?
Persisting through challenges and not giving up prematurely?
Being honest even when the truth is difficult to share?
Courageously facing fears?
Motivated to help with chores around the house?
Less influenced by negative peer pressure and able to stand up for what they believe?
Looking forward to a bright and successful future?

Characters is the Key

Author: Sara Dimerman ISBN 978-0-470-15560-8

Then Character is the Key will help!

The character education movement, implemented by educators around the world, is an incredibly successful and growing phenomenon. When important character attributes like honesty, integrity, and fairness are modeled and taught to kids, they develop an inner compass that continues to guide them in a positive direction. The missing link has been helping parents with their crucial participation at home – until now.

In Character is the Key, parenting expert and therapist Sara Dimerman shares proven techniques in a powerful, step-by-step plan that will help you bring your family together, improve communication, and unlock the very best in your children – and yourself.

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