Going Back to Work

Women who left their careers to raise children–whether just for the toddler years or until the nest is empty–face employment, economic and emotional challenges when returning to work. How to explain that big black hole on the resume? How to find work with flexibility? Can they play with the big boys and girls again? Filled with upbeat, encouraging advice, “Going Back” offers a step-by-step game plan for comeback moms. The authors examine every aspect of the sometimes bumpy path to going back, from deciding what to do “when I grow up” to surviving in the high tech, multi-generational workplace.

Going Back to Work

Author: Mary Quigley & Loretta E. Kaufman ISBN 0-312-31321-7

NYU professor Mary Quigley and journalist Loretta Kaufman say that comeback moms can find even more fulfilling work the second time around by implementing a plan. In their new book, Going Back to Work: A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms (Griffin/St. Martin’s Press), the authors offer a step-by-step strategy for getting back into the workplace after taking time to have and raise children.

From the survey they conducted of almost one thousand women, the authors found that the number one priority for comeback moms was flexibility, but that employers have yet to wholeheartedly embrace the concept. In their book, Quigley and Kaufman provide the essential tools for negotiating the work women want, and can discuss the hot button issues that arise when grappling with the decision to go back and then launching a comeback. Topics include:

• Why women should think about going back and implement a plan even as soon as they decide to stay home.
• How to keep your hand in by maintaining business contacts by email, volunteering, attending industry conferences
• How to get the job, from writing the resume (and explaining the gap) to negotiating hours and money
• How to “retrain” family thinking and behavior when implementing a new work/home routine
• How to deal with the culture shock of the workplace, from new technology to the younger boss and office politics

The authors make the case that a comeback mom is the ideal employee: when given flex time, she’s loyal, she won’t take lunch, and she’ll get the work done in the time she has, because she can take care of her personal life outside of work. Comeback moms are reinventing work as we know it, and demonstrate that the second time around is often more rewarding for them as well as for their employers.

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