Kid Wrangling

Now that you have a baby, what on earth are you going to do with it? In the eagerly awaited sequel to A Bun in the Oven, Kaz Cooke delivers up-to-date, reliable child-rearing information in her trademark hilarious style. Featuring solid advice from experts, including real moms and dads, Kid Wrangling is funny, reassuring, practical, and completely devoid of judgmental guruspeak about the right way to do things. Offering a range of great solutions for new parents, Kaz offers hints on everything from surviving baby’s first few weeks to getting your five-year-old ready for school. Irreverent and down-to-earth, Kid Wrangling turns frantic moms and dads into calmer, more confident parents—and provides loads of laughs along the way.

Kid Wrangling

Author: Kaz Cooke ISBN 1-58008-557-1

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