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Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too

Whether you’re the mother of toddlers or teens, work inside the home or out— if you’re exhausted from trying to be perfect, this book can help you. Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too uses hundreds of real-life stories and mom-tested tips to demonstrate how taking time-outs will transform your life. Practical and inspiring, this book will launch you on a voyage of discovery that takes you back to yourself, and it will help you become the best mother you can be by becoming the best woman you can be.

Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too

Author: Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen, Katrin Schumann ISBN 0-07-150807-4

Written by moms, for moms, this book will help you create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life for you and your family. The authors draw on their own extensive experience and that of hundreds of women around the world, and bring to light a variety of helpful resources–from cutting-edge studies to Eastern philosophies–to create this innovative, inspiring, and easy-to-use guide.

With this book, you’ll learn how to

  • Live a more deliberate, more purposeful, more satisfying life
  • Say goodbye to the constant guilt of not measuring up by embracing your personal mothering style
  • Enjoy your children more and feel close to your husband again

The authors reveal their own unvarnished turning points, share stories they’ve gathered from the trenches, and present eye-opening research to show how a little selfishness can bring a whole new sense of purpose and energy to stressed-out modern mothers.

About the authors:
We’re three friends, with ten kids between us, who’ve spent the last few years immersing ourselves in Eastern philosophies, health studies and parenting books, finding statistics and words of wisdom, and listening to stories from hundreds of mothers just like you.

What did we learn? We discovered that moms everywhere, whether they have careers or stay at home, want to do the best job they can, but are often overwhelmed by the hectic pace of modern motherhood. We learned that being selfish isn’t always bad!

Now we’re passionate about our next mission: sharing all this information with you.

Who are we? Susan was a hardworking businesswoman for fifteen years before stopping work cold turkey to raise her children. Anne is a busy doer who works in the city and tries to fit it all in. And Katrin is an artist and a writer, who flies by the seat of her pants and chafes at rules.

We’re different and yet we’re the same: we want to be great mothers… without losing ourselves along the way.

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