The Germ Survival Guide

This guide is written by medical experts about the germs that linger in public and private places, in our homes and offices. As such, it offers explanations, pointers and health advice for the preventive and pre-emptive fight in eliminating dangerous germs. From boosting one’s own immune system to maintaining clean conditions in the home, from recognizing illnesses and warning signs to proper treatment, this book ranges from dust mites, Lyme Disease and Chlamydia to household mould, Ebola and Salmonella.

The Germ Survival Guide

Author: Joline Godfrey ISBN 1-58008-536-9

Other topics range from nausea and food poisoning to parasitic infection and puncture wounds, mononucleosis, fungal infections and how to increase the body’s chances to fend off infections.

Useful, informative, fascinating and cautionary, this must-have health guide shows you how to protect yourself and your loved ones from germ-borne illnesses in more than 80 life situations.

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