Your Growing Child

Your Growing Child is an A-to-Z compendium of vital information and comfort for every mother and father — from new parents bringing home their first infant to parents of adolescents soon to strike out on their own. Whether she is telling you what to do when your child suddenly develops a high fever or earache or rash, or suggesting how you might search for the reason behind your eight-year-old’s unwillingness to go to school, or helping you deal with your adolescent’s developing sexuality, Penelope Leach’s full and specific advice always reflects not only the practice of leading medical authorities but her own immense expertise and experience as a child psychologist, her extraordinary sensitivity to the feelings of both child and parent, and her grasp of the realities — financial, professional, and social — of life today.

Your Growing Child

Author: Penelope Leach ISBN 0-39471-066-5

Just about every problem a parent can face is discussed in this book. Whatever your questions, the alphabetized listings and index make it easy for you to find answers — answers that will enable you to act calmly, efficiently, confidently, in a way which feels right for you and your family, in caring for your child’s health and emotional well-being.

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