What to Do When a Child is Afraid to Go to School

With a little patience, perseverance and TLC, a child’s fear of leaving home to attend school can be overcome.

Fear of School

Children can develop fears of many things, even of attending school. And like any fear, the best action a parent can take is to help a child face the fear and overcome it. And the first step in doing this is understanding what is at the root of their fear of school says Cynthia Last, author of Help For Worried Kids.

“Children who don’t go to school usually have one of two problems; either they’re afraid of being away from home or a parent, usually a mother, or they’re afraid of some situation at school such as being bullied. Once you have identified what the child is afraid of, like other fears, you break the fear down into bits, into parts, and you have the child confront what they’re frightened of slowly. If a child is already out of school and not going to school you may have to start with them going to small period of time at school and then slowly build on that.”

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