Moms Parents Radio Shows — 01 March 2012
Why Mothers Need Friendship and Support

Today’s moms may not have a lot of time to call their own, but finding the time to spend with friends is vital.

Moms Need Their Friends

Let’s face it, there’s a lot that falls on the laps of mothers. Statistics shows that moms continue to handle the majority of household chores even while the majority of moms work outside of the home. It’s one reason why friendship plays such an important role in the lives of moms, providing a support network that’s good for them and their families says Susan Callahan, author of Moms Need Time Outs Too.

“It’s incredibly important to find a support network. When women are disturbed or have critical issues, 85% of them go to a friend. They go through someone who has been there for them, to talk through it, someone that will have an ear towards it, and it’s the friendship and the support network over and over, that fill us up and support us every single day, time and time again, no matter what’s going on, whether it be a large problem or a small problem. It’s critical.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Callahan, author of “Moms Need Time Outs Too”.

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