Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mom

It is possible to ensure  your baby has the best nutrition possible when you return to work.

Work and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding babies becomes a little more complicated once a mom returns to the workforce. It means new moms will have to make a little extra effort to ensure they have a good supply of milk, explains Vanita Pais, Registered Dietician with The Hospital for Sick Children.”It’s always important to remember that breastfeeding is based on demand and supply and so encouraging the mother, if they intend to continue to supply their milk as nutrition for their child, to express milk manually or use a breast pump to express milk every three to four hours. This could help to have a little supply of milk even when they are not present.”

It’s all about planning ahead according to Vanita. “So if mom has to be away for certain hours of the day, if they have a supply and if they are pumping every three to four hours they could maintain that supply and still provide milk to their child.”

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