Children Should Limit Their Cellphone Use To Protect Their Health

Health Canada has determined that parents should encourage children under 18 to limit their cellphone use. This advise is in response to a World Health Organization report issued in May 2011 that stated that exposure to radiofrequency energy can be reduced by limiting the use and length of cell phone calls, or by using text messages, or by using hands-free devices to make calls.

Radiofrequency energy (RAF) is a type of radiation that is emitted by cellphones and some studies have suggested over-exposure to this radiation could lead to health concerns such as brain cancers. Although the research is far from conclusive, recommending limited use particularly with children is a proactive step to protect children’s health.

Because children are smaller in size with developing brains and immune systems they may be more sensitive to the effects of RAF. As there have not been any long-term studies with children, it would be wise to limit their exposure until more is know and understood about the effects of cellphone use on children.

Source: Globe and Mail, Oct 5, 2011

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