Day Camps and Summer Childcare

Why day camps should be a part of your child’s summer holiday plans.

Day Camps and Childcare

As much as most of us enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer, there’s another side to it. While our kids are having a break, parents work a full day, making summer child care a challenge. Armin Brott author of The New Father elaborates. “Finding childcare in the summer is a tremendous challenge for a lot of people, it’s funny that the school people don’t remember that parents work a full day whether it’s summer or not. The way to deal with it, if you can’t set up care is through swaps with other parents, set a up a more flexible arrangement with your office, and a very good possibility is to take advantage of as many day-camps and summer kinds of camps as you possibly can. Give your kids a chance to develop some skills or interests they have expressed during the year and let them spend a lot more time doing it during the summer.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Armin Brott, author of several books on fatherhood including of The New Father.

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