Keeping Children Safe From Online Predators

Keeping your child safe from online predators.

Online Predators

Life online has opened up a whole new avenue for pedophiles and predators to reach our children. Unfortunately the fact is, we need to keep our guard up because these people really do exist says Julie Ross, author of How to Hug a Porcupine. “The predation is real. There are many, many instances of children who have been abducted because they met somebody on line and they assumed that that person was who they said that they were and met up with them.”

Be wary of the signs that your child may be in contact with an online predator. Julie explains that “often it begins on the computer and then the person will start calling the child on the telephone or the child will start calling the person, so you’ll want to look for that. Also watch for packages from people you don’t know arriving for your child, and a lot of secrecy around the computer, so that when you come in (to their room) the child immediately shuts it off. Another sign is your child going out without explaining where they are going to be or how they are going to be contacted.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Julie Ross, Executive Director of Parenting Horizons and author of How to Hug a Porcupine.

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