Moms and Teens

What every mother of a teen really needs to know.

Moms and Teens

If you’re a mother of teens, you may notice that your teenaged children express a little more defiance with you than with their father. It can be frustrating, but rest assured, this is more common than not, and is actually quite normal explains Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen. “It’s a natural biological phenomenon that happens in a lot of different cultures, but maybe be a little more in western civilization. It does happen and even though we don’t know why, the important thing is to help normalize that for families; that the moms should expect that they are going to get more attitude, more lip service, less doing what they ask from the teenagers than the dads would. So parents need to work as a team as parents and not take it personally if moms experience more negativity.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen.

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