Students and Major School Projects

How to help your child get a handle on those major projects and term papers.

School Projects

It’s at this time of year, when term papers and projects are coming due, that many students panic. As a parent, the temptation is to jump in and help do the work for them. Instead we’d be wiser to guide them with questions and discussion says Harriett Mosatche, author of Where Should I Sit at Lunch? “It’s important to do some early brain-storming that doesn’t seem very structured, rather it’s very open with no right or wrong answers, to really get a sense of “what is my child thinking?”. After that we can begin to ask questions and to look at things in perhaps a different way, to be a little bit more critical. And also, for kids to remember that there is never one answer or one correct path or one right way to do the term paper. There are lots of different ways and it need to feel right and be right for you.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Harriett Mostache, author of Where Should I Sit at Lunch?.

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