The Dangers to Children from Second and Third Hand Smoke

What parents need to know about the dangers of second and third hand smoke.

Second Hand Smoke

By now every parent knows that smoking isn’t just bad for them, it’s bad for their kids with second hand smoke associated with respiratory troubles in children. It’s why Dr. Bruce Lanphear, Senior Scientist at the Child & Family Research Institute feels parents need to take steps to reduce children’s exposure to smoke.

“There are a number of things that parents can do even if they choose to smoke. One is certainly don’t smoke in the car with the child and second, always smoke outdoors. There’s some concern that even those things don’t reduce exposure as much as we like, and there’s this new concept called third hand smoke where kids have tobacco smoke on their clothing and they’ll expose their children that way. We also know that while having an open window or smoking in a different room makes a little difference, it really isn’t sufficient by itself, and probably the only thing to do ultimately, is to find ways to quit.”

The Parent Report’s guest is Dr. Bruce Lanphear,  Clinician Scientist at Child & Family Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital and Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SImon Fraser University.

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