When Children Show Courage

How to help our children become more courageous and less fearful.

Showing Courage

In many ways, growing up is all about facing fears. A child facing their fear of the dark, facing fear of leaving home and attending school, or meeting new people. Parents can do a lot to help kids face their fear, by modeling courage themselves. Sara Dimerman, author of Character is Key elaborates on courage and kids. “Courage is about feeling the fear and confronting it anyway, because as we know, when we confront our fear often they diminish or go away completely. So it’s important to develop courage and confidence to face potentially difficult or adversarial situations so that we can continue to develop and grow as people. If we don’t have the skills to be able to face our fears or if we see courage not being modeled around us, then we may be more likely to not show courage in difficult situations.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sara Dimerman, a therapist, parenting educator and author of Character is the Key.

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