Fashion and Teens

How to understand teens’ fashion statements, even when you don’t agree.

Fashion and Teens

During the teen years, kids often express who they are through their choice of fashion. Sometimes it can be a bit alarming when kids choose to express themselves with piercings, wild hair or tattoos. But John Westland, Social Worker in Adolescent Substance Abuse at Sick Kids Hospital says its best for parents to talk with their teens before jumping to conclusions. “I would encourage parents who are concerned about that to ask and listen. Ask your son or daughter what it means to them and then listen carefully to the answer you get. It may not be that they’re trying to overthrow the world, it may be that there’s a rock star or a pop star who looks exactly like that, or a good friend who has that same style about them, or this is their way of showing “I’m different from everyone else. You don’t necessarily have to worry but you want to be conscious of it and ask your son or daughter, what’s it mean to them?”

The Paren Report’s expert guest is John Westland, a social worker at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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