Honey, I Wrecked the Kids

Today’s kids are different. Our traditional parenting tactics aren’t working; in fact, they are making matters worse. Psychotherapist Alyson Schafer says, “Just as antibiotics created super bugs, old parenting methods have created the discipline-resistant child, and parents are not prepared.”

Honey I Wrecked the Kids

Author: Alyson Schafer ISBN 9780470156032

In her new book, Honey, I Wrecked the Kids, Schafer gives detailed instructions for implementing a new style of parenting. “The democratic approach is both firm and friendly,” she says, “and it respects the child’s dignity and rights while ensuring the same for parents. It should not be confused with permissive parenting, but all too often, it is.” Schafer mixes wisdom with humour to explain the social revolution taking place in family rooms around the nation and gives us reason to be excited about the new “children’s movement.” Readers are given new non-punitive but effective tools suited for the job of parenting the 21st century kid.

Unique from other parenting literature, Honey, I Wrecked the Kids gives readers a simple method for diagnosing the four root causes of misbehavior applicable to every parenting situation. Once the parent learns to understand their child’s motivation, their new democratic parenting tools can be applied with great success. Full of real-life examples, Schafer’s book offers insightful and funny advice that will make parenting a manageable and rewarding task.

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