Summer Camps

Why kids get so much out of the residential camp experience.

Summer Camps

Wonder why children come away from residential camps a little more confident than they went into them? Well, according Michael Thompson, author of Homesick and Happy, camps help build self confidence and self-esteem in a safe environment by challenging children on many different levels. “You learn to live in community, you learn to get along with people you don’t like whom you have to share a cabin with 24/7. You learn to eat food where there’s no choice. Your mom can’t make you a sandwich every morning and send you to school if you don’t like what’s on the school menu. And then at camp there’s a series of developmentally appropriate challenges, whether it’s a canoeing camp, or a horse back riding camp, or a surfing camp; I don’t care about what the program is, it’s that the camp has designed challenges for kids which test them, which scare them a little bit and which pull the best out of them.”

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The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Michael Thompson, a psychologist, international speaker, and author of Homesick and Happy.

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