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Adjusting to a New High School

Tips for helping your teen adjust to a new school.

New High School

Moving to a new school is difficult at any age, but during the teen years, it can be really tough. High school is a time when friends and a social network are particularly important. It’s also a time when the social groups can be set and fitting in isn’t easy, and it’s why extra effort has to be made says Harriet Mosatche, author of Where Should I Sit at Lunch?. “Being in a new school with new teachers and new kids and so on, is very stressful for high school kid. This is a difficult time for kids to move and so whatever we can do as parents to help kids meet a new group. Bring the guidance councilor into this, or a caring teacher. Find clubs, find activities; it could be the school musical if your child has musical talent, it could be a community organization. Anything like that which will allow your child to fit in with a group will make it easier.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Harriett Mostache, author of Where Should I Sit at Lunch?.

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