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Canada’s Toddler Care Book

Ever wished you had a paediatrician you could call every time you had everyday questions about your toddler? Do you wonder about your toddler’s health and well-being? Are you concerned whether your child is growing and learning “normally.” Do you want peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing when your toddler is introduced to new foods or people, when they are acting out or behaving strangely, when they need discipline or have hard to answer questions and you’re just not sure how to react…

Canada's Toddler Care Book

Author: Dr. Jeremy Friedman ISBN 0-7788-0210-8

Look no further than Canada’s Toddler Care Book: A Complete Guide to 1 Year to 5 Years Old, a wonderful new resource written by leading paediatric expert Dr. Jeremy Friedman in conjunction with The Hospital for Sick Children. This incredible book provides age-appropriate strategies to help parents deal with ever changing toddler issues. And, it covers every topic caregiver would be concerned with (everything from health, first aid, sleep, nutrition, emotional and physical development, behaviour, you name it it’s in there!).

Dr. Friedman deals with every stage of a toddler’s development and addresses the hundreds of questions every parent has including:

I have been wondering what to do when I get asked that dreaded question, ‘How are babies made?’ How do you answer this question?

I have a three-year-old boy who is still not using the potty on his own. Any suggestions?

I want my two-year-old to have a head start on learning. Is it important to start teaching him numbers and letters?

My son is nearly two, and he’s still not talking very well. Should I be worried?

The other day my toddler was acting up, and I really lost my temper with her. What can I do?

My three-year-old daughter has an imaginary friend. Is this healthy and normal?

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