Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

How to help the tween or teen overcome sibling rivalry.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry among young children is common, and hopefully they outgrow it by the time they are tweens or teens. But if rivalry persists or is even something new for your teens, then a new approach may be in order. Dr. Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen offers a few pointers. “I will often say to parents: divide the day into three periods, from when they get up until they go to school, after school to dinner and dinner to bed time. And set it up that for each period that they get along OK with each other that they earn some credits. And those credits, at the end of the week, they could turn into, for instance earn allowance, earn an outing, earn some other privilege. And usually, if you set that up and if parents do it consistently, the fighting will decrease somewhat.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Arthur Robin, co-author of Your Defiant Teen.

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