How Parents Can Get Involved in School

Why getting involved with your child’s school is so important.

Parents in the Classroom

From fundraisers, to assisting in the classroom, to joining the school parenting committees, there are a lot of ways for parents to get involved with their child’s school. And by getting involved, your child benefits, explains Sharon Hall, author of Raising Kids in the 21st Century. “Being involved with a child’s school gives the child the message that where they are is important to the parent. And it’s also very important for teachers to understand how interested parents are in the development of their children.”

Sharon adds that it’s not completely up to teachers to provide good communication with parents. “Good communication between parents and teachers can begin with parents. Parents can ask to meet with teachers and just saying, ‘hello, I am a possible support person to the classroom. Please let me know if there is any way I can help you and I’m here for you.’”

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