Team Sports Keeps Teens’ Weight in Check

According to recent research of more than 1700 high school students in Vermount and New Hampshire, American teens who played on three or more sports teams in the last years were nearly 30% less likely to be overweight, and nearly 40% less likely to be obese than teens who were not active in sports teams.

While physical education classes themselves do not necessarily  have a significant affect on the weight of teens, participation in sports leagues does appear to reduce the chances of teens becoming overweight or obese. The researchers feel that the regular practice and competitions associated with organized sports teams helps to reduce weight gain because it requires moderate to strenuous levels of activity several times a week.

The researchers believe that all students, regardless of their ability, should be encouraged to participate in sports for the sake of their overall health and well-being.

Source: Pediatrics, August 2012  (

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