Reading Your Child’s Report Card

What should your child’s report card tell you about the past school year?

Report Cards

Well, it’s about that time of year again when final report cards will be sent home. Hopefully, after another year, your child’s grades will be holding steady or improved. But grades aren’t the only thing reflected in report cards explains Thomas Gusky, author of How’s My Kid Doing?. “There are two things that are important in report cards. The first is that the report cards should provide information that is specific and detailed enough that parents know what the child is doing in school and how the child is performing in regards to the expectations for their grade level in each subject area. But second, the report card needs to communicate information in a form that the parents can understand, so that if there are problems or difficulties, the parents knows what steps they need to do to remedy those problems.”

If the report card reflects some problems, remember that summer can be a great time to boost next years mark through extra tutoring or summer school.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Thomas Guskey, professor of educational psychology at the University of Kentucky and the author of How’s My Kid Doing?.

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