Dealing with Strong-Willed Behavior

How to make the most out of your strong willed child’s behaviour.

Strong-Willed Behavior

Strong willed children are often persistent and independent and these are great characteristics. On the flip side, a strong-willed child can be stubborn and more prone to behaviours such as tantrums. And there are several factors at play, which creates such determined kids, explains Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong Willed Child. “There are so many different things that go into being strong-willed. Temperament and biological factors are definitely important in setting the stage for the development of strong-willed behaviour. But there are certain things that parents do that make that strong-willed behaviour better or worse.”

Reinforcing positive behaviour can go a long way. Here’s how to do that. “When they’re playing quietly by themselves or interacting well with their siblings, a parent doesn’t necessarily have to praise them for that. They can just comment on what they are observing their child doing that is something that they like.”

The Parent Report’s expert guest is Nicholas Long, co-author of Parenting the Strong Willed Child.

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