Behavior Education Radio Shows Teen — 01 August 2012
What to Do When Your Child Skips Class

If your child is skipping classes, you’ll want to understand why this behavior is happening is the first place. 

Skipping Class

So you got a call from your child’s high school informing you that she’s been skipping classes. What do you do? The temptation, of course, is to punish children by grounding them or taking away privileges, but that may not do much to alleviate the situation because it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Mike Nichols, author of Stop Arguing with Your Kids offers another approach. “With the 15 year old skipping classes, this is very serious problem. The first thing to do is find out how does your child feels. Why is your child skipping class? Maybe your child is bored with school, maybe there is something you can do about that. Maybe there is someone picking on your child at school and maybe you can do something about that.”

There’s always a reason, and Mike beleives there is always a reason behind children skipping school and says “the first step is always to find out what your child is thinking and feeling. Then you can take this into consideration, and then make it very clear to the child what you expect.”

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