Middle School and Parental Involvement

Why parents’ involvement is so vital during the middle school years.

Middle School

In middle school, kids are expected to show a lot of initiative, but parents can still help kids with time management, and provide feedback and encouragement. In fact, Richard Guare, author of Smart But Scattered believes the involvement of adults is essential during the challenging middle school years. He says that “the level of stimulation is much greater. They are expected to be able to handle higher degrees of social stimulation, they are expected to be able to handle much more information, and to juggle more complex schedules. And what we know is that the movement from elementary school to middle school results in a significant decrease in adult support.”

Richard Guare also warns not to let appearances be deceiving. “Our sense is that parents and teachers should probably be giving more support to children at this time. Because kids look more capable, we might think that they are able to manage on more on their own, but this is often not true and we should be careful to not restrict support from parents.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Richard Guare, neuropsychologist and author of Smart But Scattered.

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