School Bus Safety

Keeping kids safe when they’re riding the school bus.

School Bus Safety

School buses, while one of the safest vehicles on the rode, still pose some hazards including a blind spot where drivers can’t see kids getting on and off the bus, so teach your child to catch a driver’s eye when embarking, disembarking or crossing in front of a bus. And there’s another concern says Samantha Wilson, author of Safe Kids, Safe Families. “The concern that we have wit children traveling on the school bus is the lack of supervision along the way. Quite often there is just the school bus driver who’s busy driving and not paying attention to what’s going on in the back of the bus with the other children. I encourage parents to take the school bus on occasion with their child to see what the environment is like inside the school bus during that ride, making sure they know where the child is going, who they’re sitting beside and what’s happening in there. Don’t just rely on your young child to tell you that it’s okay. You need to know for sure.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Samantha Wilson, a former police officer, Founder and President of the Kidproof Group of Companies and author of Safe Kids, Safe Families.

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