Teaching Inner Discipline

Why letting our kids make small mistakes actually helps them.

Kids and Mistakes

There’s no doubt that kids need limits and guidance. But of course, in time, children will require more than our limit setting.  They’ll need inner discipline in order to become self-sufficient adults someday, explains Barbara Coloroso, author of Kids Are Worth It.

“Our goal is to give kids responsibilities and decision-making opportunities, and constantly increase them as they get older and decrease the limits and boundaries so it becomes their own back-bone and their own inner discipline. So, when they leave home they are making all of their own decisions, and are truly responsible for all of their own behavior. But that takes time and effort on our part, by taking the stuff of everyday life and using it to give kids the opportunities to make choices, decisions, and mistakes.  I firmly believe that when you let kids make choices, decisions, and mistakes when they’re cheap ones, they rarely make the expensive ones later.”

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