What to do if your child is struggling with learning to read.

Children Struggling with Reading

Dyslexia is a condition that makes reading difficult.  Letters are often misinterpreted and a child can easily fall behind if their dyslexia is not addressed. Children with dyslexia often require help with learning to read, but it is not reflection on their intelligence level says Dr. William Feldman, Pediatrician and Author of Learning and Attention. 

“Children who have dyslexia have been found to be as intelligent as other children. There is the full spectrum of IQ amongst children who have difficulty reading as there is among children who don’t have difficulty reading.”

Children who have difficultly reading should be assessed, for many reasons.

“It’s important to treat dyslexia when it’s diagnosed because children who are made to feel as though they’re not able to achieve because they’re lazy or stupid have very negative self-esteem, and negative self-esteem is bad for their desire to achieve, it makes them feel as if it’s not worth trying because they just can’t succeed.”
The Parent Report’s guest expert is  Dr. William Feldman, Pediatrician and Author of Learning and Attention.


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