Why do children sometimes wake in the middle of the night?

Night Waking

Just when you thought your baby was finally sleeping through the night, you’re rudley awakened, literally.  Night waking is a common complaint among parents of babies, toddlers and even preschoolers. Why do kids go through periods of nightwaking?  Well, for many good reasons explains Bonnie Reichert, author of “In Search of Sleep”.

“Any kind of developmental change or upset in a child’s life can lead to a little bit of regression or a little bit of an interuption in what they are conquering so it could be that they will start to wake up at night, they won’t eat as well, they’ll wet their bed, all those things are normal.  Also when children start to become more aware of dangers and develop more fears, which is quite big with the preschool set, they can start to have more issues around bedtime and nighttime.”

If fear of the dark is the problem, investing in a little nightlight can sometimes make all the difference.
The Parent Report’s guest expert is Bonnie Reichert, author of “In Search of Sleep”.

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