Preparing for a Hospital Stay

A few tips on how to prepare a child for a hospital stay.

Preparing for a Hospital Stay.

Whether it’s for a day surgery, or something more involved, hospital stays are scary for kids and parents. And as Dr. Saul Greenberg, a pediatrician with the Hospital for Sick Children explains, kids react differently to a hospital stay, according to their ages and stages.

“For young children, for example children under three years of age, one of the problems is that their major concern is being away from the parent. And so, emphasizing to that child the parent is going to be with them as much as possible during the hospital stay is important. In fact, many hospitals now have rooms where the parent can stay with the child for the entire hospital visit.”

Older children also have their fears that need to be addressed appropriately.

“Their fear is often that they may have some damage to the body, so one has to be careful when explaining what’s going to have to take place and you have to use certain words. For example, if they’re undergoing surgery, you don’t say that the surgeon is going to cut something, you could say that they’re going to, say, make an opening.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is  Dr. Greenberg, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto and an attending staff physician at the Hospital for Sick Children, where he teaches and supervises pediatric residents on the general pediatric wards.

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