Teaching Problem Solving

The importance of teaching children self-discipline and problem solving

Teaching Children Self-Control

When it comes to discipline and children, the goal shouldn’t be controlling children, but rather helping them to learn self-control.  And the more our children learn how to problem solve, the closer they’ll be to having a sense of self-control explains Adam Cox, author of No Mind Left Behind. “The ability to problem-solve is one of the main qualities that teachers and parents are looking for as a sign that maturity is taking place. So, it’s not just how to think through a problem, but how to cooperate with other people, how to understand different dimensions of a problem, and how to understand subjective issues like a person’s feelings when that problem relates to social interaction. We need kids who can move their minds around a problem and see it from different perspectives. If you try to solve every problem in the same way, it brings to mind the old saying ‘if you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Adam Cox a leading advocate for fostering the cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing of youth.

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