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Preparing Teens for College and University

Is your teen planning on attending college or university?  Here’s how to help them prepare for their higher education.

College Preparation

Preparing a teen for college or university requires more than just a good grade point average. As Sherrie Nist, author of College Rules explains, every university bound student will need to have strong skills in a couple of vital areas.”The first is good reading skills. Students need to read at a fast rate, they need to be able to comprehend material. And the second is just good listening skills, they’re going to be listening during lecture, taking notes, and listening to the points of others.”

As well as strong academic skills, there are life skills that high school students should learn now, before they head off for their post-secondary education.”First of all, the ability to manage their time to be where they need to be and to get things done as they need to get them done. And then the second is having the responsibility of things. If your have chores around the house, make sure that children follow through and do those chores, and they’ll take those responsibility skills and those time management skills off to college with them.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Sherrie Nist, a professor at the University of Georgia and author of College Rules.

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