Toilet Training

 Is your child ready to be toilet trained?  

Toilet Training

If there is one milestone every parent looks forward to, it’s when their child no longer requires diapers.  But learning to use a toilet will not happen overnight, and children really need to be ready for this big step in development explains pediatrician and editor of Canada’s Toddler Care book, Dr. Jeremy Friedman.

“I think you need to look for the cues from your own child and the certain physiological cues. So for example, can they keep their bladder controlled for a little while and they also need to be able to understand and follow instructions so for example if you say to them “walk to the toilet and sit on the toilet”, they’re going to need to be able to understand and be capable of doing that. And probably most importantly of all, they need to be motivated so the need to give the appearance that they’re uncomfortable or unhappy in a wet or soiled diaper and that they’re interested in sort of moving on to the next phase of wearing big-kid underwear.”


The Parent Report’s guest expert is pediatrician at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and editor of Canada’s Toddler Care book, Dr. Jeremy Friedman.

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