Family Life Parents Radio Shows — 26 December 2012
Family Talks in Tough Times

Why we need to talk in out during tough times. Family communication.

Family Talks

When it comes to communication and understanding between parent and child, there’s nothing quite like sitting down and talking. And when itcomes to working through tough family times such as financial struggles or job loss, kids cope a lot better when the parents are upfront, particularly with teens and adolescents, explains community psychologist Dr. Fred Matthews.

If you have a meeting and discussing the problems the family is facing, then the kids might be able to define how they can be a part of the solution. But involving the kid as a part of the family that talks and works things out together, kids can handle that. What they can’t handle is the silent and secrets and bizarre behavior that the see mom and dad going through with no explanation because parents are trying to protect that kid.

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Fred Matthews. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show. Any advice or information contained herein should never be a substitute for professional and/or medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. For more information please review Terms of Service.

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