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Playing With Kids

A few do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing with your kids.

Playing With Kids

Once upon a time, the realm of play belonged to children.  They decided when and whom they played with, and what games they played.  All of this was before parents stepped in with organized play dates and activities. Now, some experts are saying it’s time let kids rule play again, even when we are given the honor of being their playmates.

Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure elaborates.”I think the way we play with children has to change.  We’re managing the play, we’re telling them what to do, we’re laying out all the stuff, we’re trying to get them to a particular outcome and I think the way parents need to be playing with children is with a much lighter touch. It’s not that you’re completely absent, but you’re there, hovering gently on the sidelines and you’re there as a sounding board, and you provide the materials.  They want to ask you a few questions, you answer them, but you don’t take over. And I think that’s a very important line not to cross because you always have to remember who’s playing here.  It’s the child.  It’s not you.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure.

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