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Family Meetings

Democracy on the home front.  How to bring a family meeting to order.

Family Meetings

As parents, our job is to raise our kids to become increasingly more self-sufficient. One  way of doing this is with the family meeting, where children have an opportunity to sit down with parents to discuss issues that are important to the family and even help with decision making. In fact, Barbara Coloroso author of Kids Are Worth It believes family meetings are so effective that they should be held regularly. “I like to have them at least once a week and whenever there’s a major crisis or disagreement it can happen at any time, but in that meeting everyone needs to be able to speak freely and be listened to and we’re open to ways to solve this in a nonviolent way.  And so family meetings can be used to deal with conflicts and they can also be used to plan things as a family.  For example, I’m not going to say, ‘where do you want to go on a holiday? But this is where we’d like to go on a holiday and we need your input, or we have these three places to go, choose one with us.”

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