Baby Family Life Radio Shows — 01 January 2013
Life with a Newborn

A closer look at how newborns change our lives.

Life with a Newborn

One of the misconceptions many new moms have is that they’ll have a little extra time on their hands during maternity leave.  But if you’re one of those moms that thinks that while your little darling is sleeping, you’ll get to those closets that need cleaning or write that next great novel…think again.  As Dr. Catherine Younger Lewis, editor of CMA’s Complete Book of Mother & Baby Care points out, having a newborn means having your days filled. “It’s time that you have never experienced before and it’s no time to do anything but look after that baby, and when the baby’s sleeping, you’ll sleep.  When the baby’s up, you’ll be up, and you can’t expect to have the schedule you had before the baby came.  The baby is there 24 hours a day, and you have to look after that baby.  You’re feeding the baby, changing them all the time you’re making sure they’re well, you’re worried about them.  This is a very different lifestyle than what you’ve had before.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Catherine Younger Lewis, editor of CMA’s Complete Book of Mother & Baby Care.

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