Shut Down Learners

Does your child hate school? 

Shut Down Learners

Do you have a child who was great at Lego and puzzles as a preschooler? You were certain they’d be a brilliant academic, yet here they are, years later, hating school. In essence they’ve shut down, but why? Richard Selznick, author of The Shutdown Learner explains.”A shut down learner in my mind, is someone who has become disconnected from school and that over time they become discouraged, primarily because their fundamental and core skills in reading, writing, spelling are weak.  But the other side of this type of child is also that they are very creative, they are spatially-based children, and sometime musical, visual and very hands-on. And that’s kind of this package of both weak in core academic areas, yet strong in a range of other abilities.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Richard Selznick, author of The Shutdown Learner?

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