Integrating Fitness

Tips on how we can integrate fitness into everyday life. 

Integrating Fitness

When it comes to fitness in our children’s lives, we often equate it with organized sports and activities. While those have a role to play, it’s also important that our children learn to integrate fitness into their daily lives in simple ways, and applaud them when they do, says Diane Neumark-Stzainer, author of I’m Like So Fat.”I think it’s really important for parents to provide positive reinforcement for their children for the activities that they are doing that they may not be recognizing. That can be walking a dog, that can be walking to school, and really to help children in other ways to be more physically active.  So, within their day-to-day life they can bike over to a friend’s house, they can get up a few minutes early and do some stretching.  So if a child is intimidated by getting involved with a soccer team or something of that sort, think about ways to integrate physical activity into their normal daily activities.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Diane Neumark-Stzainer, author of I’m Like So Fat. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show. Any advice or information contained herein should never be a substitute for professional and/or medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. For more information please review Terms of Service.

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