Early School Health Radio Shows — 27 February 2013
Headaches in Children

That do when your child complains of headaches and migraines.

Headaches in Children

Somehow we don’t associate children with headaches. Maybe that’s because we think of headaches as being related to stress, something that we hope kids aren’t yet experiencing. But children do get headaches and sometimes they should be assessed says pediatrician Dr. Jane Hailey. “Children definitely get headaches and they commonly get migraine headaches, especially if there is a strong family history of migraines.  It’s important that children be evaluated because brain tumours do occur and the younger the child the more important it is that this at least be considered as a diagnosis.  Worrying headaches include headaches at a very young age, ones that are increasing in frequency, and early morning headaches followed by vomiting.  These are worrying signs and need to be assessed.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is pediatrician Dr. Jane Hailey.

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