Baby Family Life Radio Shows — 19 February 2013
Dogs and Newborns

Tips on introducing your family dog to your new baby.

Dogs and Newborns

Bringing home a new baby can raise all sorts of jealousy in the family, and I’m not talking about siblings here.  I’m talking about your family dog.  But with the right approach, your family dog can be baby’s best friend.   Here’s some tips from Dr. Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs.

“It’s important that first of all, you don’t change your routine for your dog.  So the dog is still going to get the same walks and that same degree of attention.  And when the dog comes near the baby, and when they sniff a little bit, give them a treat so that the young baby is associated with good things happening. And when you do play-talk with the baby, reach over occasionally and do a little play-talk and tussle with the dog, so the dog begins to recognize that good things happen and I’m still loved, and I get some extra attention if I’m around the child.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs. Adapted from The Parent Report Radio Show. Any advice or information contained herein should never be a substitute for professional and/or medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. For more information please review Terms of Service.

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