Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 12 February 2013
When Kids Have The Gimmees

Is your child suffering from ‘the gimmees’?

The Gimmes

Every year it seems there are more gadgets and toys that are “must-haves” for children…or so our kids will tell us. As parents, we often think that it’s our job to tell them what they can’t ha, but here’s a twist.  As much as ‘the gimmees’ can drive parents around the bend, it’s okay to allow kids to dream and wish, says Nancy Samalin, author of Loving without Spoiling. “I think we need to realize that when a child asks for something it doesn’t make him a greedy little spoiled brat, but that he has the right to ask and he has the right to wish, and then you have the right to say ‘that sounds very nice’, and then not buy it for him. And then what a lot of parents have done is to actually use a wish list. When a child says ‘oh I want that, I want that, oh buy me this, buy me that’, parents can say ‘hey, that’s interesting. Put that on your wish list. And then maybe when Grandma wants to buy you a toy or you know we’re trying to decide what we want, we’ll go check your wish list’.”

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