Behavior Early School Radio Shows — 13 March 2013
Boys, Education & Activities

How encouraging your son’s interests makes him a better student.

Boys, Education and Activities

What is your son passionate about?  If it’s not getting top marks, don’t worry.  You can help him to do well in school by encouraging him to get involved in activities he really loves, whether it’s sports, or science or drama.  Susan Shaffer, co-author of Why Boys Don’t Talk and Why It Matters elaborates. “Kids benefit from parents who help kids define what their passions are and then provide the opportunities to explore those passions in a variety of opportunities.  So if you have a son who’s interested in drama, try to encourage him to join a drama club or participate in a school play and make him feel good about that. What we’ve seen for example with boys who have learning problems, if they excel in other areas, that brings them back to school where they can begin to apply those skills to do better in school.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Susan Shaffer, co-author of Why Boys Don’t Talk and Why It Matters.

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