Development and Weight Changes

Why our children’s body weight can sometimes fluctuate.

Development and Weight Changes

When it comes to a child’s weight, the fact is there’s often little a child can do about shedding or gaining a few extra pounds.  That’s because it’s natural for kids to put on some weight or become extra long and lean during certain developmental phases says Judith Toews, co-author of Raising Happy Healthy Weight Wise Kids. “It’s really natural for children to have different levels of body fat at different life stages.  When a child is about a year old they have a lot of body fat and they tend to lose that body fat up until about the age of six or seven, and then gain more body fat again in preparation for the growth spurt of puberty.  So it’s important for parents to be easy about these changes and not consider normal fluctuation in size to represent a problem.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Judith Toews, co-Author of Raising Happy Healthy Weight Wise Kids.

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