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Growing Pains

 Does your child suffer from growing pains?

Growing Pains

For children between the ages of three and ten, growing pains are a relatively common occurrence.  Generally kids with growing pains find both of their legs aching, usually when they lay down at night, ready to fall asleep. Dr. Jeremy Friedman, pediatrician and co-editor of Caring for Kids elaborates on growing pains. “I think growing pains in children are real.  We don’t have a particularly good understanding of what they are.  Growing pains are something that we see in the legs; that’s where the children get these pains and they usually occur at night.  I guess one of the important features is that we would expect to see it in both legs.  If one is getting pains in one leg only, then I think that it’s important that we’ve ruled out any other potential cause of pain in the leg.”

The Parent Report’s guest expert is Dr. Jeremy Friedman, pediatrician and co-editor of Caring for Kids.

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